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BN310 Bill Counter with UV

BN310 Bill Counter with UV, Mag, DD, Batching
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The BN310 is a great note counter ideal for small businesses It is quick and efficient and even offers counterfeit note detection; simply load your cash into the hopper and the BN300 will quickly feed them through and count them. More accurate and less time-consuming than counting by hand, the BN300 can process up to 1800 notes per minute. Using UV and magnetic thread detection, or size differentiation, the BN300 can also spot counterfeit notes and will pause the count should one be found. The count is also paused if notes are stuck together, folded or badly damaged (half notes).

An easy-to-use note counter, the BN310 offers batch counting functionality for when notes have to be sorted into stacks of a particular value/amount. Dual LED displays help keep track of the total count and the batch count. The soft touch control panel is clear and legible and allows easy selection and activation of all the machine's features.

Accepts both new and old Canadian currency.

  • Speed: Variable (1800/1500/1200/900 notes/minute)
  • Maximum hopper capacity: 500
  • Maximum stacker capacity: 300
  • Batching options: Batching from 1 to 999;  Lot batching of 10, 20, 25, 50, and 100
  • Document length: 3.94" to 7.28"
  • Document height: 2.36" to 3.94"
  • Feed: Fiction feed
  • Counterfeit detection: Ultraviolet, magnetic, different size detection
  • Dimensions: 10.63" x 10.24" x 8.86"
  • Weight: 13.23 lbs
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