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Nicelabel Label Design & Print Software

Nicelabel Loftware Label Design & Print Software

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Loftware NiceLabel product range





For businesses of all sizes


Use cloud to design and store labels centrally. Access and print them from anywhere.



For businesses of all sizes


Standardize your global labeling process on one platform.



For single site, smaller businesses


Easily start designing and printing barcode labels.

·  Deploy your labeling solution in minutes

·  Simply design labels from any computer in any location

·  Securely store and manage labels and data in the cloud

·  Integrate labeling with your product data

·  Easily scale printing across your business

·  Pay on subscription and lower your TCO

·  Print without any local infrastructure


·  Design, review, approve and manage labeling from a centralized database

·  Streamline label design process with an easy to use label designer

·  Configure efficient label printing interfaces for the print operators

·  Integrate label printing with databases and business systems

·  Extend standardized labeling throughout the supply chain


·  Create labels in minutes; no coding or advanced computer skills needed

·  Reduce cost and complexity of labels with intelligent, universal label templates










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