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HSM FA400.2

Strip Cut Industrial Shredder with 1/4" cut size, 130 sheet capacity at security level P-2
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HSM Powerline FA400.2s Strip Cut Shredder is one of the leading multimedia shredders in their class of the market. Built for efficient and safe data disposal in industries and large office departments, they are the perfect tool for high-end professionals. This powerful shredder can handle a range of materials thanks to its German made, lifetime warranted cutting cylinder. It can handle material including optical disks, plastic cards, staples, paper clips, and most importantly USB Flash Drives, converting them to ¼” strips in a matter of time. This shredding ability makes it a P-2 security standard shredder, which is enough for normal office requirements. HSM Powerline FA400.2s can shred up to 130 sheets of paper at a time. Its heavy duty motor, capable of  continuous operation, works at a rapid rate of 41 feet/min, guaranteeing the completion of lengthy shredding jobs in no time at all. The opening of the feed throat is a massive 17”, suited to an industrial shredder. This means that large paper sizes can be shredded in one go without operators having to fold them and compromising on sheet capacity and time. FA400.2s Strip Cut Shredders sports a huge 104 gallon waste collection compartment that is very easy to remove and empty. This shredder also features a jam prevention function that is a necessity with a shredder with such capabilities. It constantly monitors the load at the feed unit to make sure that it does not get overloaded, causing frequent jams inside the shredding unit. For smart energy consumption, HSM has incorporated its Energy Smart function in the FA400.2s which puts it into standby mode when it is not being used. An LED indicator is in place to let users know whether the standby mode is activated or not.
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