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HSM 4040s

Vertical shredder press combination
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HSM SP4040s Strip Cut Shredder/Baler is one of the most functional data disposal products available in contemporary markets. This state of the art shredder/baler has all the desirable qualities and is best suited for large archives or central shredding points in high-end organizations. Its highly capable shredding unit can shred an amazing 130 sheets of paper at a time, which is remarkable for organizations that have heavy workloads. To complement this feature, the feed throat is 17” wide so large documents can be easily shredded as well. The highly durable shredding unit uses a continuous duty motor and a geared, chain-driven transmission that work consistently in all conditions and can effortlessly handle a range or materials including flash drives, floppy disks, plastic cards, and optical disks. The baling unit of HSM SP4040s is also a class of its own. It can handle bales up to 77 lb. in weight and produces up to 8 bales per hour. This baling ability translates to a large volume of waste material that is compressed to a more compact, manageable form. Augmenting the heavy-duty machinery used in the SP4040s Strip Cut Shredder/Baler are HSM’s various technologies. The JamStop function is essential in heavy-duty applications it is designed for. When overloaded, this function stops the shredder when it is overloaded and there are chances of a jam occurring, saving users’ time and unnecessary effort. The feed unit is equipped with an electric conveyer to speed up the feeding process. An LED indicator is in place to let operators know the mode in which the machine currently is. Finally, a 39 gallon waste bin is part of the design to make shredding even easier for people.
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